Dental Tourism is a subset of medical tourism which provides dental care and accompanied with traveling services. Besides providing an international standard dental care with reasonable cost of 1/3 of the equivalent service in other countries, we would also like to bring you the natural and cultural beauties plus the hospitality of Vietnam. You will be assured to get the best service while saving time and money with Elite Dental.

Our clinic is outfitted with the the most modern technological equipment that conforms to the latest international standards. Our instruments are strictly sterilized to ensure maximum safety for our customers. All dental products are imported from the worldwide recognized brand names such as 3M, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and BriteSmile.




  • High service quality.
  • Reasonable cost, 1/3 of the equivalent service in other countries.
  • Equipment and products imported form the world leading dental care manufacturers such as 3M, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, BriteSmile, etc.
  •  Modern and hi-tech facilities, including multi-functional dental chairs, separate treatment areas, dental Cone Beam CT scans, etc.
  • Minor surgery center equipped with modern facilities.
  • Sanitary and equipment sterilization procedures are strictly practiced.
  • Doctors and nurses are well trained to the highest levels at national and international recognized institutions.
  • Specialists have been conducted their research and working oversea at world best leading medical institutes.
  • Doctors and nurses are influent in both English and French.


We offer a complete and customized package as per your request. The duration of the program can range from 1 to 2 weeks and is flexible according to the treatment requirement of each customer.

  1. Complete package: including dental treatment and full tour package
  2. Customized package: including dental treatment and customized travel services including
  • Air ticket
  • Accommodation
  • Saigon’s standard city tour or Vespa tour
  • Discovery tour of Vietnam
  • Health care (spa, yoga, meditation, skin care, etc.)
  • The packages can be supplied to individuals or groups.


  • We offer several convenient payment methods for you:
  • Cash (VND)
  • Bank transfer
  • JCB, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB cards are accepted.




You can contact Elite Dental Group via our customer care center:
Email: [email protected] Tel: +84 (08) 7108 3838/ 3933 3737 ( Viet Nam)

We will ask you to send us via email your X-ray film, Panoramic film, your latest dental record and your health record in order to give you an estimated treatment and fees. It’s depends on your dental health conditions, you will be informed in advance to provide different document.

Do not worry if you are unable to send us your information, we can assist you to gather it when you come to our clinic.


After receiving your document, we will quickly estimate your treatment, time schedule and necessary fees for you. Treatment Confirmation will be sent to you, please fill in the form and send back to us.

We not only provide excellent dental treatment service but also help turn your trip into a more comfortable and relaxing one with following assistance:

  •  Visa
  • Ticket booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Airport transfer service
  • Transportation
  • Health care program: spa, mediation, skin care
  • Cultural learning program: home stay, Vietnamese cooking class, street food tour…
  •  And other services


You are ready to go for your holiday to Viet Nam. Our Patient Coordinator will assist you to complete the document and any necessary diagnosis if required. Elite Dental doctors will restore your beautiful and confident smile back.  You will be informed in advance if there is any change in your treatment.