Dental crowns - the perfect dental cosmetic in Vietnam

Male patient. 62 years old

Occupation: Pharmacist. Nationality: American.

In order to fulfill the requirement of the career, the customer has to contact directly with his clients, this patient came to Elite Dental, Viet Nam requesting to do the smile make over in his first visit.

In the clinical examination, the patient had several old dental crowns and bridges. The photo show pre-treatment situation with discoloration and leakage of the old crowns and bridges, an unnatural appearance with discolored color composite fillings and amalgam fillings.



Prosthetic solution: The metal free crowns ( Zirconia crowns or all ceramic crowns ) are attached to the natural teeth restoring the form, color and function or the anterior teeth.

Post treatment result: after 8 working days, the patient is very happy about his new teeth. “I look younger and more confident now. Thank you Elite Dental for the excellent job. I have received a full premium dental care service in Viet Nam. ” he said.


Mr. Henry