Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Nowadays, many parents want to get their children dental braces. Some orthodontic conditions are easier to correct if they’re detected early. Interceptive orthodontic treatment helps prevent more severe problems later in a child’s development. With more than 10 years of experience and hundreds of successful orthodontic cases, Elite Dental’s dentists are trained to identify bite issues at an early age and deliver treatment at the appropriate time. In this article, we will answer all your questions about braces for children.

1. What are braces?

Orthodontic treatment or braces are a specialty that focuses on the development, prevention, and correction of irregularities of the teeth. 

It’s important to know that children may need braces for many different reasons. Here are some reasons your child might need to see an orthodontist:

  • Early loss of primary teeth
  • Difficulty biting or chewing food
  • Mouth breathing
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Jaws that shift, protrude, or recede
  • Teeth that do not meet or meet abnormally
  • Disproportionate jaw

Orthodontic Treatment for Children - 1

If you think your child needs braces, make an appointment with your dentist to discuss your concerns.

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2. Benefits of getting orthodontic treatment for your child

Getting braces provides children with many benefits during their development. Here are the benefits this type of treatment can provide:

  • Determine a better prognosis for how the permanent teeth will develop
  • Correct bite problems like an open bite, crossbite, or deep bite
  • Guide the growth of the jaw to accommodate emerging teeth
  • Lower the risk of damage to any protruding teeth
  • Improve your child’s appearance, self-esteem
  • Create a more pleasing and functional arrangement of teeth, lips, and face
  • Alleviate future and possibly more invasive dental correction

Furthermore, children need to get orthodontic treatment at an early age because their jawbone is still soft and easy to manipulate. This also helps to lessen any discomfort and pain during the treatment time.

3. What is the best age to get braces?

Many parents have a question: “Should my child get braces as soon as possible?”

According to Dr. Do Quynh Nhu, a member of the Executive Committee of the Ho Chi Minh City Orthodontic Association and Elite Dental’s orthodontist – early intervention may not be as important as determining the best age to get braces.

Orthodontic Treatment for Children - 2

The ideal age for orthodontic treatment in children is 6 – 15 years old. The reason is that this is the time when adult teeth start to come in and the jawbone structure changes drastically. This allows orthodontists to manipulate, correct, and rearrange the teeth to the right positions.

It is recommended that children get an orthodontic evaluation around 6 or 7 years old. The first visit to the dental office allows the orthodontist to monitor a child’s overall teeth development and determine a treatment plan if needed. Once a child passes the ideal age, orthodontic treatment can become intricate. This is because at the age of 15, adult teeth have fully come and the jawbone has finished its development. If a child gets braces at this age or older, the orthodontist may have to remove one or more teeth to perform orthodontic treatment.

Things you need to know about braces for your kids

Currently, the top concern of parents is orthodontic treatment for children. For kids, having misaligned or crowded teeth can make them self-conscious when communicating with others. So, when is the appropriate time to get braces for children? 1. When do your children need braces? According to The American Association of…

Orthodontic Treatment for Children at Elite Dental

4. What are the different types of braces available?

Braces generally come in three varieties:

Growth guidance appliance: This is an orthodontic instrument that stimulates the production of new bone and models and shapes existing bone. It corrects the devastating effects of mouth-breathing on the development of a child’s face, airway, and jaw joints. This method is best for children from 6 to 15 years old. After wearing a growth guidance appliance, fixed braces or Invisalign are recommended to correct bite pattern problems.

Fixed braces for children: This is the most common orthodontic treatment using brackets to realign the teeth. Brackets are made of stainless steel or ceramic. The treatment time can last from 1 to 2 years, depending on a child’s orthodontic condition. Please click HERE to see more details.

Invisalign clear aligners: This is the latest technology in treating orthodontic problems. Different from traditional braces, Invisalign is more aesthetically pleasing since they are clear and removable aligners that do not use wires. Aligners are custom-formed plastic guides that fit over the teeth and are used in a series to move the teeth into their desired positions.

*** Between the ages of 6 – 19, childrens are still in a phase of jawbone development. Therefore, Invisalign clear aligners are recommended only for children who do not have any existing bone issues or for those who have completed the phase of jawbone correction using appliances.

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Invisalign for Children

5. Phases of orthodontic treatment for your child

Orthodontic treatment is divided into two phases. 

Phase 1 orthodontic treatment (early interceptive treatment) is an orthodontic procedure that is done for children before all of their adult teeth erupt, and often occurs between the ages of 6 to 15. Phase 1 often lasts 12-24 months. The primary goal of Phase 1 is to treat bite growth and the jaw, including issues such as crossbite or underbite.

How to fix underbite teeth with braces?

The question of whether braces can fix an underbite is one that many customers are concerned about when considering this method to restore the aesthetic of their smile and improve chewing function. In the article below, Elite Dental provides a detailed answer to the effectiveness of fixing an underbite with…

Common orthodontic appliances used in Phase 1 treatment include:

  • EF line appliance – to establish normal function in the oral cavity.
  • Headgear appliance – to correct a malocclusion called an overjet.
  • Facemask appliance – to treat underbite and other malocclusions where the upper jaw is too far backward.
  • Quad helix – to expand the palate, widen the arch of the mouth, and correct a posterior crossbite.

Orthodontic appliances for kids

Phase 2 orthodontic treatment (Comprehensive treatment). This is usually carried out when the jaws and face have finished growing. Phase 2 treatment is often less complex. Children commonly wear fixed braces for 18-24 months to correct their bites.

6. Oral healthcare and braces

Because it’s easy for food to get stuck in wired braces, children who wear braces need to work extra hard to keep their teeth clean. Brushing after meals is a must, as is daily flossing.

Your child should avoid certain foods (such as popcorn, hard and sticky candy, and gum) because they can damage braces. Sugary sodas and juices also can be a problem because they can contribute to tooth decay. 

Because braces put pressure on the teeth, they can feel uncomfortable once in a while, especially after the orthodontist makes adjustments. Eating soft foods can help if this happens.

Tips when you use braces

While having braces on your teeth, the teeth need extra care to protect them from tooth decay, staining and gum diseases. Also, you should take care to avoid damaging the braces. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, you should avoid these activities: eating chewy or sticky candy, eating hard…

7. Why choose Elite Dental?

Elite Dental is a prestigious dental clinic in Ho Chi Minh City. We have a team of specialists who have advanced knowledge in the orthodontic field. Apart from clinical experience, our dentists are gentle and vastly experienced in handling children. This is a huge advantage for parents as we can help soothe your child. We always care about our young patients, therefore, at our clinic, we dedicate a play area to help children feel more welcome and comfortable.

Elite Dental's orthodontists

Elite Dental

At Elite Dental, we also invested in the latest equipment and technology. Elite Dental also develops a computer simulation to predict jawbone growth. This contributes greatly to our diagnosing and treating process.

The actual cost for orthodontic treatment varies depending on the child’s age, the extent of work being done, the type of braces, etc. Please find below information for your reference.

Orthodontic treatments with application of growth appliances15,000,000 – 40,000,000 VND
Orthodontic braces40,000,000 – 48,000,000 VND
Invisalign First (*)75,000,000 VND
Invisalign Teen (*)125,000,000 – 137,500,000 VND

(*) Recommended for children who do not have any existing bone issues or for those who have completed the phase of jawbone correction using appliances.

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