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Teeth cleaning and polishing procedure, otherwise known as prophylaxis, is performed to improve the aesthetics of teeth and help prevent teeth problems. In the following article, Elite Dental will provide you with everything you need to know about the procedure and why it should be an essential part of the routine to take care of your oral hygiene.

1. What is plague?

Plaque is a film of bacteria that forms after you eat or drink. Brushing and flossing, in theory, can stop plaque from developing. However, if plague is left on your teeth for too long, it will harden into tartar. Tartar is much more difficult to remove. It can only be removed by a dental professional – you can’t get rid of it with regular brushing and flossing.

Before and after tooth cleaning

Plague often develops in hidden spots such as the gum lines, back of the teeth, or small gaps between teeth. It is often the cause of chronic bad breath and gum disease. When tartar forms, it can lead to complications, including cavities, gingivitis, severe gum infection (periodontitis), and tooth loss.

2. What are the benefits of dental cleaning and polishing?

Teeth cleaning is an essential step in dental hygiene. Here are the benefits of dental cleaning:

Brighten your smile

Your teeth can get stained by food and drinks. Dental cleaning combined with dental polishing can remove build-up stains and help you achieve the healthy and bright smile you want.

Reduces bad breath

As mentioned earlier, plague is the cause of chronic bad breath. Going beyond brushing and flossing by getting professional dental cleaning gives you a healthier mouth and fresher breath.

Clean teeth to reduce bad breath

Prevents cavities

Plague can slowly wear away your tooth enamel which leads to cavities. Together with daily brushing and flossing, dental cleaning prevents cavities.

Prevents tooth loss

Your teeth and gum line loosen up when there’s plaque build-up on your teeth. This leads to gum disease, which is the main cause of tooth loss. Getting professional dental cleaning helps ensure you will not experience tooth loss in the future. 

In addition to health and aesthetic benefits, getting regular dental cleaning treatment helps you avoid more costly and extensive procedures.

3. Candidates for Dental cleaning treatment

Everyone should get dental cleaning treatment in addition to your daily home cleaning to improve the health of your gums and teeth. Dentists recommend that you should have a habit of visiting a dental clinic every 4-6 months to receive this treatment. 

Dental cleaning treatment also works effectively for smokers and people who have a history of gum disease or experience orthodontic issues. 

Moreover, research conducted in developed countries supports an association between periodontal diseases (gum disease) and strokes or heart attacks. It suggests that bacteria from periodontal infection may potentially make their way into your bloodstream. This causes the blood vessels to be coated in bacteria, causing inflammation and swelling, which potentially elevates the risk of heart attacks or stroke.

People who have diabetes also need to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine and are recommended to get dental cleaning treatment to prevent gum disease, which can harm the gum tissues and bone.

4. How is the dental cleaning and polishing procedure performed at Elite Dental?

The treatment at Elite Dental includes general dental cleaning, scaling, and polishing procedures. It causes no damage and generally finishes within 90 minutes.

Elite Dental's team of doctors

First, our dentists always start with an oral examination and X-ray screening to check your tooth roots and gums for any potential concerns.

The teeth cleaning treatment continues with the next step, which consists of plaque and tartar removal. At this step, our dentists use an advanced ultrasonic cleaning device, one of the most efficient cleaning methods to scale your teeth with minimum pain on the gums. People with thick plaque or tartar might feel some discomfort during the procedure, but it is very minor and won’t last long. 

In the case of gum disease, plaque removal needs to be performed deeper, throughout the roots of the teeth. This is called “root planing”. Our dentists may give you a local anesthetic to make it more comfortable during the procedure.

Equipment at Elite Dental

Machines at Elite dental

After your teeth are tartar-free, our dentists will use a rotatory polishing brush to polish your teeth. This step helps remove stains and unwanted marks caused by coffee, tea, or wine. It also smoothes away minor imperfections and patches of rough texture on the teeth to protect against further plaque build-up. You will leave feeling very clean with fresh breath. 

Before you go home, we will provide you with before and after pictures to see the improvements after your dental cleaning treatment.

With regular teeth cleaning, you can prevent the risk of developing complicated oral conditions and can maintain a healthier and brighter smile. Schedule a dental cleaning appointment at Elite Dental to take advantage of these benefits. We are very happy to assist you. Contact us today!

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