1. Must-know facts about wisdom tooth extraction

Not all wisdom teeth cause oral health concerns yet most cases need examining and advising on by professional dentists. Wisdom teeth might involve lots of complications such as extensive tooth decay, infection, and gum disease. Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction is recommended by most dental specialists, especially when these teeth become impacted or could potentially cause future problems.

Wisdom tooth extraction

2. Wisdom Tooth Pain and Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth or third molars, which appear mainly between late teens and early twenties, usually grow in the very back of the mouth where you are not easily able to maintain good oral hygiene. This circumstance might result in some unexpected issues such as:

  • Tooth cavity
  • Contagion of the gums 
  • Periodontal disease
  • Damage to a nearby tooth or surrounding bone 

The worst situation occurs when wisdom teeth grow at an angle or get trapped in the jawbone or gum which can be painful (impacted wisdom tooth). The majority of adult teeth are usually in place by the time wisdom teeth appear so they do not often have enough room to grow properly.  You likely need to have your wisdom tooth extracted and meeting your family dental specialists at Elite Dental would be a timely solution.

3. How is an impacted wisdom tooth extracted at Elite Dental?

1. Consultation and X-ray screening

First, a consultation between patients and oral hygienists will be set up to discuss dental issues.  After that, surgeons will take an X-ray of the patients’ mouth which enables them to have a complete view of their teeth and jaws as well as accurately diagnose and safely treat the underlying issue, as well as plan an effective wisdom tooth extraction. 

X-ray image of the patient's mouth

2. Blood Test

A blood test is the next important step which patients have to get done before the wisdom tooth extraction since it helps dentists determine if the patient has any serious medical conditions such as hemophilia, anaeme or diabetes. If the blood test reveals underlying health concerns then it may not be possible to perform this procedure on health grounds. Should this be the case, your oral hygienist will discuss this with you.

Blood Test

3. Tooth Extraction Procedure

Commonly, wisdom tooth extraction is an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia so clients can go home the same day. Patients with mental health problems may be given a sedation anesthesia which will put them to sleep during the procedure. The surgery at Elite Dental is performed in an operating room with appropriate surgical equipment by well-trained and experienced oral surgeons. 

Elite Dental's doctor

With advanced modern dental solutions and technologies, wisdom tooth extraction nowadays is considered a minor surgery which is pain-free and comfortable for patients. Right after the surgery, which should take approximately 30-60 minutes, patients will be asked to rest in a recovery room where they will be monitored by friendly and thoughtful dental staff at Elite Dental for up to 1 hour.

Patients are given after-care instructions for quicker recovery and following these guidelines helps them feel a lot better.

4. Follow-up visits

Most follow-up appointments are scheduled for 7- 10 days after the surgery to ensure that the incision is healing properly. Any issues (if there are any) can be corrected to avoid future dental problems. 

*After the wisdom tooth removal, there will be a hole where your tooth used to be. This hole will heal itself over the following 4-8 weeks. You should be aware that food particles may find their way into the wound during this period. If this occurs, you can use mouthwash to gently clean your mouth but do not use toothpicks or sharpening objects which could potentially result in bleeding or infection of the surrounding area.

4. What does it cost to remove wisdom teeth?

The cost of having a wisdom tooth extracted is between 1.000.000 and 6.000.000 VND. Additional charges will be incurred if patients require any associated services such as PRP which costs 1.000.000 VND.

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5. What to expect after wisdom tooth extraction?

Bleeding: Patients are asked to keep a gauze pad over the extraction site for at least 30 minutes to help stop the bleeding. 

Pain and swelling: There is definite pain and swelling after any surgery. However, it will recede after  3-5 days. You can reduce it with ice packs applied on and off to the outside of your mouth or alternatively take over-the-counter painkillers with your dentists’ approval. 

Difficulty of Jaw controlling. You will experience jaw pain or tightness after the extraction. It affects your ability to chew and speak normally. However, these issues will disappear within a week or two.  

In the case of any unexpected symptoms, please do not hesitate to get hold of assistance from Elite Dental.

We hope you have a good experience with wisdom tooth surgery at Elite Dental Clinic

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