Welcome to the new branch – Elite Dental Metropole

With over ten years of experience treating patients, Elite Dental understands that in addition to a sustainable result, the experience throughout the process is also very important, especially with specialized treatments such as Implant and Orthodontics. Therefore, even in the context of economic difficulties, Elite still decided to move forward, creating a new milestone with Elite Dental Metropole to bring truly different experiences to customers.

Elite Dental Metropole is the third branch of Elite Dental’s specialized dental center system. Located at B0108, The Galleria, Metropole, Thu Thiem area, right next to Ba Son bridge, easily connected to central districts combined with a spacious parking space, Elite Dental Metropole brings to customers a dental experience with superior quality with a team of doctors specialized in each field: Implant, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, …



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Perfect dental experiences with top-notch quality at Elite Dental Metropole

1. The team of specialized doctors with expertise in each field

With the philosophy of building Elite Dental as a house of experts, Elite Dental Metropole brings together a team of doctors with expertise, practical experience, serious study and treatment, and regularly participate in training courses to improve knowledge and skills from courses in Vietnam and abroad.


Elite Dental doctors are trained with a focus on specialization. Doctors in a particular field will be good at that field. Customers with complex dental conditions that require the coordination of multiple specialties will be consulted by doctors together at Elite and will be provided with comprehensive treatment plans. In addition, when coming to Elite, customers will receive thorough and comprehensive counseling so they can feel at ease about their treatment journey.

2. Multilingual communication

Elite Dental Metropole has a team of doctors and staff who can communicate in multiple languages: English, Japanese, French, etc. This makes it easy for foreign customers and Vietnamese expatriates to access dental services, as well as to easily communicate with doctors.


3. Comprehensive, sustainable, and time-optimized treatment results

Elite Dental Metropole pursues the treatment philosophy of “Minimum Invasion, Maximum Conservation.” With each dental case, the doctor will carefully examine and evaluate and provide a comprehensive treatment plan to preserve the patient’s natural teeth as much as possible. The final result not only achieves aesthetic results but also meets technical factors such as occlusion and healthy chewing, to maintain a beautiful smile sustainably.

Dr. Do Quynh Nhu and Footballer Chuong Thi Kieu

In addition, Elite’s highly skilled doctors, modern technology, and facilities help customers save time at appointments and optimize the total number of appointments to be convenient for customers’ schedules.

4. Modern and state-of-the-art facilities

The clinic operates as a “all in 1 clinic” model, providing comprehensive dental services, including examination, radiography, diagnosis, and treatment. Elite Dental Metropole has modern equipment, spacious, comfortable, and convenient facilities, making it convenient for patients to receive treatment without having to travel to multiple locations.

The clinic has invested in a comprehensive system of high-tech equipment, including: Planmeca 3D X-ray machine with pioneering technology that reduces radiation exposure to the lowest level, European standard; PRP technology to support healing; Siro Laser Blue (Sirona) laser machine; The PIC (Precise Implant Placement) with its 3D optical tracking technology to capture the exact location of Implant.

Planmeca 3D X-ray machine reduces radiation exposure by up to 77%

In addition, Elite Dental Metropole has a private treatment room design that is completely private and comfortable, creating a space for communication and treatment between doctors and patients to achieve high efficiency.

5. Strict, safe and European standard sterilization process

Elite Dental Metropole always pays attention to safety in the treatment process. The center applies a strict sterilization process according to European standards, ensuring a sterile and safe treatment environment for customers. In particular, the sterilization room is designed with an open space so that customers can easily follow the sterilization process at Elite.


6. Clear insurance payment policy

Elite Dental Metropole supports customers in issuing red invoices, and preparing all necessary documents for customers to be able to pay for dental treatment costs with insurance, very suitable for foreign customers and Vietnamese people abroad.

7. Thoughtful customer care

Elite Dental Metropole always pays attention to the customer experience. The center has a professional and dedicated team of consultants and customer service staff, always ready to support customers throughout the treatment process. In particular, supporting international and Vietnamese customers to find accommodation right in the campus, convenient for treatment and rest when implanting Implant.

The team of doctors and staff at Elite Dental Metropole is ready to welcome you

To celebrate the grand opening, Elite Dental is offering attractive promotions:

  • Up to 30% off for single Implant treatments (applicable to the first 5 customers), General Dentistry, and Cosmetic Restoration.
  • 20 million VND discount for All on X Full-Arch Implant treatments (applicable to the first 5 customers).
  • 10 million VND discount for Invisalign Comprehensive clear aligner treatments.


Register for a promotion at the link: https://forms.gle/KQ76SVkrzj8jnmTR8 or contact Elite Dental Metropole directly at Hotline 0902536322 to book an appointment for a consultation with the best professional team of dentists in Ho Chi Minh City and receive an attractive promotion right away.

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