Dental Implant in Vietnam: Affordable Cost & High quality Clinic

Choosing a good place for dental implantation in Viet Nam is a concern for many people because this is a complex technique and not every dental center can perform it. Therefore, selecting a reputable Implant clinic with a team of highly specialized doctors is extremely important for patients to achieve comprehensive results in terms of chewing function and aesthetics.

1. The Appeal of Dental Implants in Vietnam 

Compared to countries around the world, Vietnam is currently one of the top choices for tourists in need of dental implants. With reasonable costs and standard customer care services, Vietnam has been placed on the list of preferences for tourists or foreigners coming to work in the country.

In addition to coming to Vietnam for the purpose of dental implantation, tourists can also combine it with tourism in Vietnam, which offers numerous famous landmarks and delicious street food.

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2. Cost Factors

Vietnam offers a significantly lower cost for dental implants compared to developed countries, making it a highly sought-after destination for patients seeking both affordable and high-quality dental care services.

Some factors that can impact the cost of dental implant placement include: the reputation of the dental clinic, a highly skilled and experienced team of dentists, as well as the facilities and equipment available.

Dental Implant in Vietnam
How much for an Implant in Vietnam?

3. Quality of Dental Implant Care

The criteria for a quality dental implant center in Vietnam include: a highly skilled team of experienced dentists, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, adherence to aseptic standards in implant procedures, adherence to medical standards in the dental implantation process, use of genuine implant brands, a reliable warranty policy, and professional and attentive customer care services.

Besides an affordable dental clinic, choosing a reputable and quality-assured facility is also a top criterion for travelers. The process of dental implantation is complex, so ensuring quality, with no complications or issues after returning home, helps travelers avoid difficulties in transportation. Trustworthy dental clinics when searching online are places that can provide comprehensive information about the procedure, detailed doctor profiles, transparent costs, treatment protocols, as well as clear warranty policies.

Currently, there are numerous dental centers offering implantation services, causing many people to hesitate when searching for a reliable address. Among them, Elite Dental is a reputable dental implant center in Viet Nam that you should not overlook.

4. The Dental Implant Procedure in Vietnam

After years of experience and continuous learning from leading dental experts worldwide, Elite Dental has standardized the entire process of dental implants, providing a comfortable and pleasant treatment experience with a 5-step medical-standard procedure:

Step 1: The dentist conducts an examination and takes CBCT scans to assess the current bone condition.

Step 2: Blood tests are performed to check blood clotting and blood sugar levels (if the patient has diabetes), as well as other health indicators.

Step 3: The dentist proceeds with implant placement. Temporary teeth will be quickly crafted thanks to the application of digital technology, allowing patients to confidently engage in daily activities and communicate while awaiting the final restoration.

Step 4: Follow-up appointment.

Step 5: Final restoration on the implants. After the implants have biologically integrated with the body, patients will be scheduled for an appointment to complete the journey of restoring the teeth.

In cases where patients have significant bone loss, bone grafting may be necessary, adding an additional step to the treatment process.

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5. Choosing the Right Dental Implants Clinic 

Elite Dental has a history of over 12 years in the specialized field of dentistry, successfully treating thousands of cases of dental implantation, ranging from simple to the most complex. Elite Dental takes pride in being a dental clinic known not only among the Vietnamese people but also among the overseas Vietnamese community and foreigners living and working in Vietnam, as well as travelers from around the world, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand…

Furthermore, Elite Dental’s advantage lies in its English-speaking dentists and a team of quality interpreters who are systematically trained to provide patients with comprehensive and detailed professional information. The customer care team will also provide customers with information about transportation services, accommodation, and sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City.

Skilled Implant Placement Dentists at Elite Dental, Ho Chi Minh City

Implant placement is a complex dental technique, not simply about inserting the implant post into the jawbone, but also involves selecting the appropriate implant placement direction, analyzing the jawbone structure, the condition of the teeth, and the underlying health issues of the patient (if any). Only skilled implant placement dentists…

Throughout the years, Elite Dental has consistently been one of the leading centers in implant treatment due to: Advanced, specialized equipment for dental implantation, a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors in implant procedures, with international training, and being appointed by Straumann – a leading global implant company – as a “Specialized Implant Training Center”.

A team of good implant doctors in Vietnam.
Implant placement is a difficult technique, requiring highly specialized and experienced doctors.

These are some customer reviews after getting dental implants at Elite Dental:

Mr. Tom Quach (68 years old, Seattle, Washington): “Before getting dental implants, I wasn’t confident in my smile, and eating was not comfortable. After getting dental implants at Elite Dental, I now feel confident in communicating, and eating is much more comfortable.

Mrs. Do Thi Gai (64 years old, Ben Tre province): “After seeing my husband’s successful treatment at Elite Dental, I decided to come here too. During the treatment, I found the doctors to be very attentive and considerate. Now, I feel more confident in talking to people, and eating is no longer inconvenient”.

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