Front Dental Implant: Can it be done?

The front teeth, located in the aesthetic zone of the face, can significantly impact the appearance, confidence, and quality of life when lost. Moreover, delaying treatment can lead to bone loss in the jaw area, complicating future restoration. Therefore, patients should opt for front tooth replacement as early as possible. The cost of replacing front teeth and the best method to choose may vary depending on individual cases and treatment options.

1. What Are Front Dental Implants?

Implanting a front tooth involves the use of a metal post made of titanium inserted into the jawbone to replace a lost tooth root. After a period, when the implant post securely integrates into the jawbone, a new tooth structure is created. This is completed by attaching a crown with a color, shape, and size identical to a natural tooth.

Front dental implant
Front dental implant is the most effective method nowadays.

2. Reasons for Front Dental Implants

Front teeth, totaling 8 in number (4 upper and 4 lower), are located in the front part of the jaw arch and play a crucial role in biting, tearing food, pronunciation, and facial aesthetics.

Losing or damaging front teeth can lead to various issues:

Aesthetics: Front teeth, being positioned on the outer part, are often visible when smiling or talking. Losing front teeth may make you feel self-conscious and less confident in communication with others.

Oral health: Loss of front teeth can cause surrounding teeth to shift, reduce chewing ability, lead to misaligned bite, difficulty in pronunciation, and result in bone loss.

Several reasons for losing front teeth include aging of the jawbone, consuming excessive sweets without proper oral hygiene, using teeth for biting or tearing hard objects, or teeth subjected to excessive force. Getting front teeth implants can help restore both aesthetic appearance and oral health.

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3. What is the procedure for a front tooth implant?

Diagnostic Testing

A cone beam CT scan will be necessary to create a detailed 3-D image of your teeth and jaws. The dentist may also opt for a panoramic 2-D x-ray to closely assess your overall dental health.

Surgery Planning for Implants

The data collected from your diagnostic tests is utilized to computer-plan your surgery in a step-by-step manner. The dentist will determine the optimal implant system and placement, considering the depth and angulation of the implant post. Blood tests are performed to check blood clotting and blood sugar levels (if the patient has diabetes), as well as other health indicators.

For cases involving tooth extraction, it might be feasible to perform it during implant surgery, immediately replacing it with the implant post. Additionally, if bone grafting is necessary, a small amount of graft material can often be placed simultaneously with the dental implant

Placement of Front Tooth Dental Implant

Typically, the procedure for placing a front tooth implant takes an hour or less and is done under local anesthesia. The careful preplanning of surgery ensures a quick and smooth procedure, facilitating faster and more comfortable healing. Depending on the case, a front tooth implant may be allowed to heal, or a special healing cap is placed to shape the tissue around the implant. Alternatively, an implant tooth may be fitted soon after surgery. In any case, temporary teeth can be provided during the front teeth restoration.

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Fitting Your Implant Tooth

For cases requiring a temporary prosthesis, a temporary dental bridge or dental flipper may be fitted to protect the implant during the healing and integration process with the surrounding bone. If an implant tooth is fitted soon after surgery, it is typically a temporary tooth designed for cosmetic purposes only, providing restoration to your appearance during the healing period. Once the healing process is complete, your permanent tooth is attached to the dental implant, meticulously crafted to ensure excellent aesthetics and functionality.

The duration of front tooth implant placement can vary from one day to several months, depending on factors such as individual physiology, jawbone density, the extent of damage to the tooth socket, overall oral health, the type of implant post, its integration capability with the jawbone, and the expertise of the dentist.

4. Benefits of Front Dental Implants

Implanting front teeth provides comprehensive results with a success rate of up to 98%, requiring only a single procedure. The implantation method doesn’t cause bone loss in the jaw, avoids damage to adjacent teeth, and doesn’t pose the inconvenience associated with other methods. The implanted tooth appears up to 95% similar to a natural tooth, allowing comfortable chewing and long-term maintenance.

Front tooth implants are made from pure titanium, a material resistant to corrosion and capable of withstanding significant pressure. Moreover, these teeth have a high compatibility with gums and do not pose health risks. This is why the lifespan of front tooth implants is remarkably long, extending up to 20, 30 years, and even a lifetime with proper dental care.

5. Cost of Front Dental Implants

Nowadays, the cost of dental implantation is calculated based on the formula:

Cost of front tooth implant = Implant post cost + Abutment cost + Porcelain tooth cost + Incurred treatment service fees (if any).

Below is the price list for Implant posts (including connecting Abutments) and the price of porcelain teeth:

Implant post typesCountry of originWarranty periodPrice (VND)
Implant KoreaSouth Korea5 years21.000.000
Implant HahnUSA10 years30.000.000
Implant NeodentSwitzerland10 years30.000.000
Implant StraumannSwitzerland10years35.000.000
Ceramic teeth typesPrice (VND)
All-ceramic crown Zirconia8.000.000 – 10.000.000

With the affordable costs, Vietnam is becoming a preferred destination for many tourists to get front tooth dental implants.

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6. Finding a Front Dental Implant Specialist

Placing a front tooth dental implant is a complex process that requires meticulous attention to detail and the experience of a skilled dentist. Therefore, choosing a reputable dental clinic with top-notch quality is crucial.

Elite Dental has been a trusted dental clinic for front tooth dental implants for many years, earning the trust of customers to entrust them with the task of restoring a perfect smile, health, and confidence. Here are 6 reasons why many people choose to get front tooth dental implants at Elite Dental:

Reputable dental clinic

Elite Dental is proud to be the first dental clinic in Vietnam honored by Straumann (a leading global implant company) as a “Specialized Implant Training Center.” Elite Dental not only provides treatment but also serves as a practical Implant training center in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, choosing Elite Dental for front tooth dental implant restoration allows customers to have complete confidence in the quality of service.

Bringing together top-notch professionals

Elite Dental boasts a team of highly specialized dentists with over 10 years of experience in dental implantation, having successfully performed numerous implant procedures. Furthermore, the dentists continuously enhance their knowledge and skills to provide the best possible service to customers.

team of dental surgeons specializing in front tooth implantation
Experienced doctors at Elite Dental help treat teeth effectively, ensuring aesthetics and health safety.
Skilled Implant Placement Dentists at Elite Dental, Ho Chi Minh City

Implant placement is a complex dental technique, not simply about inserting the implant post into the jawbone, but also involves selecting the appropriate implant placement direction, analyzing the jawbone structure, the condition of the teeth, and the underlying health issues of the patient (if any). Only skilled implant placement dentists…

State-of-the-art equipment and technology

The clinic is equipped with various modern machines and devices imported from Europe, specifically designed for dental implantation and meeting the health standards set by the Ministry of Health. These include 3D CBCT imaging machines, Anthor surgical chairs, Piezo machines to reduce surgical trauma, and laser devices to expedite wound healing.

Using genuine imported implant fixtures

Elite Dental utilizes high-quality implant fixtures imported directly from the United States, Europe, South Korea, ensuring safety, stability, and swift recovery from wounds after the placement of front tooth dental implants.

International standard dental implantation process

The dentists at Elite Dental develop personalized implantation procedures tailored to the condition of each patient, meticulously monitoring to ensure the best results in the front tooth dental restoration process.

Reasonable costs

The costs for front tooth dental implantation at Elite Dental vary, depending on the patient’s oral condition and the type of implant fixtures. The dentist will provide you with advice on a cost package that suits your budget while ensuring high-quality dental restoration for optimal effectiveness.

The costs for front tooth dental implantation
Treatment costs are reasonable and clear.

Implanting front tooth implants is an optimal and comprehensive solution for treating tooth loss, providing the ability to chew like natural teeth, restoring a beautiful and perfect smile, and preventing other oral issues for patients.

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