Don’t let the missing tooth prevent you from enjoying life!

You have lost a tooth (or more), which has made your life less comfortable than before. It makes it difficult to eat or chew food. The loss is preventing you from proper pronunciation, and it also makes you apprehensive about communicating with people at social and professional events. Have all these issues brought any upside-down in your job and life?

You would like to have a dental implant for the missing tooth, but a vast number of dental clinics in Vietnam has made you even more confused? Choosing a reliable practice should never be a compromise but a proper combination of excellent facilities and competent and experienced dentists, together with supporting staff who can communicate very well in English to fully understand your needs and expectations.

Elite Dental Clinic – Your reliable choice

Dental Implant is a revolutionary treatment that can be used to replace damaged or missing teeth. A dental implant is a titanium post (like a tooth root) that is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line that allows your dentist to mount replacement teeth into that area. A metal crown, which is of the same size and shape as the actual tooth, will be placed upon the titanium post. The new tooth will enable better chewing, improved appearance and better protection of the jawbone.

In case of full jawbone loss, the All-on-Four is the best treatment and value for money. For more information about this procedure, please read at

Dental Implant process in Elite Dental Clinic

The process involves two steps:

Step 1: Implant placement

  • Thorough check of jaw and teeth is undertaken, followed by CT scan for bone density
  • After receiving the scan result, there is a full discussion between you and your dentist about treatment plan, procedure, and associated costs
  • Blood test
  • Bone grafting, if any, followed by placement of implant and temporary tooth within the same day
  • During the process, the treatment is performed under local anesthesia with sedation if required, so that you will not feel pain or discomfort.

Step 2: The restorative phase:

  • Once the bone and the implant are integrated, the implant will be brought into a function with a new tooth.

Different implant options in Elite Dental

In Elite, we offer three kinds of dental implants with varying costs of your choice. The main difference between the three treatment choices is the duration of the integration of implant and jawbone. You can pick the treatment plan that is most suitable for you among the following:

Korean Implant: the integration phase takes about 12 weeks, followed by the restorative phase

Swedish Implant: the integration phase takes about eight weeks, followed by the restorative phase

Swiss Implant: the integration phase takes about six weeks, followed by the restorative phase

5 reasons you should choose Elite for Implant placement

  • Elite Dental is fully equipped with the most modern facilities for the best assessment and treatment. Among those, CT scan is used to check the jawbone density, and the digital 3D equipment provides the most accurate tooth prints. In particular, the integrated data from the two machines help the dentists place the implant with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Among our professional dentists, doctor Tran Hung Lam holds a Ph.D. degree in France, is a frequent speaker at International Team of Implantology, is President of Vietnam International Team of Implantology, he has a rich experience of more than ten years in the field with successful operations of dental implants for thousands of patients.
  • The clinic sanitation meets the highest international standards, from using sanitized gloves, disposable cups and towels and sanitizing equipment after each treatment.
  • All dentists and supporting staff can communicate well in English
  • Our successful treatment for a vast number of patients, bringing them satisfaction and the best smiles.
    To see how satisfied our patients are with our services, please watch out this video:

To make an appointment for a consultation with our dentists, please contact hotline 0902559888

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