Full Mouth Dental Implants: Definition, Cost and Procedure

The complete loss of teeth in either one or both jaws is a condition where all teeth are lost due to various reasons such as cavities, gum inflammation, trauma, etc. Complete tooth loss leads to numerous health and facial aesthetic issues, significantly impacting the overall quality of life.

1. What are full mouth dental implants?

Full mouth dental implant is an optimal solution for restoring extensive tooth loss, effectively addressing most cases of missing teeth and providing a confident smile for the patient. Full mouth dental implant involves the surgical placement of artificial tooth roots, known as dental implants, into the jawbone. After allowing for the biological integration of these implant roots, dental crowns or bridges are then placed on top to restore the appearance and function of the teeth.

Full mouth dental implants
A male patient who lost all of his teeth in both jaws regained his perfect, beautiful teeth thanks to an examination by an Elite Dental doctor who prescribed the ProArch/All on 6 upper jaw and All-on-4 full-mouth dental implant method lower jaw.
Don't let the missing tooth prevent you from enjoying life!

You have lost a tooth (or more), which has made your life less comfortable than before. It makes it difficult to eat or chew food. The loss is preventing you from proper pronunciation, and it also makes you apprehensive about communicating with people at social and professional events. Have all…

2. Different types of dental implants for full mouth

There are two common options for full arch dental implant: All-On-4 and All-On-6.

All-On-4 Full Mouth Dental Implant

This solution involves placing 4 implant posts on one jaw, typically used in cases of lower tooth loss. The dentist evaluates and positions the implant posts in areas with sufficient bone support, providing support for the upper set of teeth. The two middle implants are placed in the position of the front teeth, and the two outer implants are placed in the position of the back teeth (molar region).

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All-On-6 Full Mouth Dental Implant

This solution involves placing 6 implant posts on the jaw, suitable for individuals with weaker jawbones. The dentist places 4 middle implants in the position of the front teeth and 2 outer implants in the position of the back teeth (molar region), providing enhanced stability for the replacement teeth.

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3. Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

  • Restore chewing function up to over 90%, allowing patients to regain a sense of enjoyable eating.
  • Prevent bone resorption, ensuring long-lasting stability.
  • Advancements in implant-supported restoration techniques contribute to achieving natural and refined results.
  • Patients can maintain oral hygiene for implants similar to natural teeth, reducing the risk of oral diseases.
  • With proper care and maintenance, the lifespan of dental implants can be long-lasting.

4. What is the procedure for complete mouth dental implants?

After years of experience and continuous learning from leading dental experts worldwide, Elite Dental has standardized the entire process of full-mouth implant placement, providing a comfortable and pleasant treatment experience with a 5-step medical-standard procedure:

Step 1: The dentist conducts an examination and takes CBCT scans to assess the current bone condition.

Step 2: Blood tests are performed to check blood clotting and blood sugar levels (if the patient has diabetes), as well as other health indicators.

Step 3: The dentist proceeds with implant placement. Temporary teeth will be quickly crafted thanks to the application of digital technology, allowing patients to confidently engage in daily activities and communicate while awaiting the final restoration.

Step 4: Follow-up appointment.

Step 5: Final restoration on the implants. After the implants have biologically integrated with the body, patients will be scheduled for an appointment to complete the journey of restoring the “third set of teeth”.

In cases where patients have significant bone loss, bone grafting may be necessary, adding an additional step to the treatment process.

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5. How much do full mouth implants cost?

Vietnam offers a significantly lower cost for full mouth dental implants compared to developed countries, making it a highly sought-after destination for patients seeking both affordable and high-quality dental care services.

Some factors that can impact the cost of dental implant placement include: the reputation of the dental clinic, a highly skilled and experienced team of dentists, as well as the facilities and equipment available.

Below is the updated price list for full-mouth dental implant placement using the latest ProArch/All-on-X technique at Elite Dental clinic:

MethodsImplant typesPrice (VND)


The cost includes the surgical placement of implants and the final dental bridge made of titanium framework (CAD/CAM) and composite teeth

Implant Korea170.000.000
Implant Hahn, Neodent 190.000.000
Implant Straumann210.000.000


The cost includes the surgical placement of implants and the final dental bridge made of titanium framework (CAD/CAM) and composite teeth

Implant Korea215.000.000
Implant Hahn, Neodent 235.000.000
Implant Straumann265.000.000


The cost includes the surgical placement of implants and the final dental bridge made of titanium framework (CAD/CAM) and composite teeth

Implant Korea265.000.000
Implant Hahn, Neodent 300.000.000
Implant Straumann325.000.000

6. Finding a Dental Clinic in Vietnam

At Elite Dental, patients undergo direct full-mouth implant placement with an experienced team of doctors who have earned their doctoral degrees in France and Japan and have over 15 years of successful implant restoration experience. The doctors are particularly dedicated, investing ample time in research and developing precise treatment plans to ensure optimal outcomes in both aesthetics and chewing function for patients undergoing comprehensive implant procedures.

A team of doctors perform full mouth dental implants
Peace of mind accompanying Elite Dental, a team of highly specialized and experienced implant specialists who will help you find your lost teeth!

Moreover, Elite Dental continuously updates its state-of-the-art equipment to serve the process of full-mouth implant placement, including specialized chairs for implantation, 3D CBCT X-ray machines, PRP-enriched plasma technology, Piezotome surgery shock reduction machines, Sirolaser Blue for wound healing stimulation, and Cerec Chairside machines imported from Germany. These advancements contribute to a gentle and comfortable treatment experience for patients.

Dental Implant in Vietnam: Affordable Cost & High quality Clinic

Choosing a good place for dental implantation in Viet Nam is a concern for many people because this is a complex technique and not every dental center can perform it. Therefore, selecting a reputable Implant clinic with a team of highly specialized doctors is extremely important for patients to achieve…

Full-mouth dental implantation is the optimal solution for restoring the “third set of teeth”, offering new hope and joy for patients with missing teeth. Currently, Elite Dental takes pride in being a specialized implant treatment center, trusted by many local and international clients.

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