How much does Ceramic Veneer cost? Latest price list 2024

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Recently, Elite Dental has received many inquiries from customers regarding Ceramic Veneer – a very popular cosmetic dental service today. In addition to questions about effectiveness and the implementation process, many people also carefully research the price of cosmetic Ceramic Veneer and whether it is higher than that of traditional porcelain crowns.

1. How much does porcelain veneer cost?

The reason why the Ceramic Veneer application is favored is because it does not require excessive tooth reduction while still correcting some initial dental imperfections, providing high aesthetic value, long-lasting use, and allowing customers to quickly achieve the desired smile makeover. Accordingly, the price of Ceramic Veneer corresponds to these advantages.

The latest Ceramic Veneer price list at Elite Dental Center:

veneers cost
Before proceeding with Ceramic Veneer, you should research the cost and factors that influence the price to prepare your finances effectively.

2. What factors determine the price of Ceramic Veneer?

To determine the price, Elite Dental relies on several important factors such as:

2.1. Doctor’s expertise

At Elite, Ceramic Veneer treatment is carried out by a team of specialized Prosthodontists with extensive experience. Following international standards, the veneer application process involves precise tooth reduction calculations and careful veneer application. Customers only need to pay for the treatment once to own porcelain veneers with a lifespan of 8 – 10 years or even longer.

2.2. Modern equipment

The procedure of  Ceramic Veneer requires multiple stages and the support of advanced technology and equipment. Therefore, Elite Dental has invested in importing special machinery and equipment. Specifically, Elite utilizes Smile Design digital technology to design the shape of the teeth, smile lines, and aesthetic parameters suitable for each individual’s facial structure, providing perfect smile results. Additionally, Elite designs wax models to allow customers to preview the treatment results. All of these factors also influence the cost of Ceramic Veneer treatment.

2.3. Porcelain material

Elite Dental uses Emax porcelain material for veneer treatment. This is a premium porcelain produced by Ivoclar Vivadent (one of the world’s leading dental companies). Emax porcelain has excellent light reflection properties, and high translucency, and provides natural, realistic colors for the teeth. Moreover, Emax porcelain is highly durable, safe, and easily compatible. Reference: Popular types of porcelain veneers currently available on the market

how much do veneers cost

porcelain veneers cost
Porcelain veneers made with Emax porcelain material provide natural, realistic, and radiant aesthetic results.

3. Why is the cost of porcelain veneers higher than porcelain crowns?

Not only at Elite Dental but also at most dental facilities in the market, the price of porcelain veneers tends to be higher than other types of porcelain crowns. The main reason is the complexity of the veneer application technique, which requires meticulous attention to detail from the fabrication stage to the veneer application process. This procedure demands high skill from the dentist and must be performed with precision, along with the support of modern equipment to ensure beautiful and durable veneer application results.

Although the cost of porcelain veneers is higher than porcelain crowns, many customers still prefer this method due to its preference for natural beauty and maximum preservation of real teeth.

teeth veneers cost
Combining orthodontic treatment and veneers at Elite Dental helped customer Duy Thang achieve a confident, radiant, and healthy smile.

Cosmetic smile enhancement is essential and can help you make an impression and excel in communication. In addition to considering the cost of porcelain veneers, you should pay attention to and choose a reputable dental clinic to have a smile that is not only beautiful but also healthy and long-lasting.

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