Congrats! Elite Dental office grand opening – 75 Huynh Tinh Cua

It’s been one month since Elite Dental – Clinic for Aesthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics moved into our brand new home and had a soft opening. Since then, our team has fully focused on preparing every detail thoroughly for our big coming opening day. On the afternoon of May 6th, 2021, the Opening Ceremony of the Elite Dental – Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics took place safely in a cozy and cordial atmosphere among our special guests, beloved friends and customers.

Based on strict epidemic prevention protocols, Elite Dental further reduced the number of event guests planned months before. We strictly followed the rules of wearing masks, making medical declarations, washing hands, and measuring body temperature prior to and during the Opening Ceremony so that the event could happen in a harmonious, successful, and safe manner.

Elite Dental always pursues the true value of Orthodontics. That is when children are cared for properly and psychologically with timely, effective treatments, and adults receive cosmetic dental treatment with sustainable results. At Elite Dental, we conduct by the motto that: we – the house of experts – provide complete and in-depth consultation, prioritize dental preservation and commit to customers’ long-term oral health.

Our team of professional and experienced doctors

Staying up-to-date with world’s latest dental care knowledge and practices

Our dentists always treat patients with great care, tenderness and attentiveness

Our team of 16 highly-rated dentists, with advanced professional qualification, uphold the spirit of commitment to serving customers as well as continuous self-improvement. They are fully armed with knowledge and skills from advanced training both in Vietnam and overseas. And this team is the core instrument to our customer’s satisfaction.

Meaningful stories shared by Dr. Lam (Hung) Tran, Dr. Nhu (Quynh) Do and Elite’s customers at the Opening Ceremony are invaluable sources of motivation that will further drive the team on their quest of bringing healthy and pretty smiles to the community.

Some pictures captured during the Opening Ceremony of Elite Dental – Clinic for Aesthetic and Orthodontic Dentistry.

Customers shared their experience at Elite Dental.

Guests enjoyed the clinic tour of Elite Dental center.

“The new center has more space and is fully equipped with modern, state-of-the-art equipment, which certainly brings about better service experience and treatment for customers. Moving into a new space promises a fresher spirit and stronger faith, enabling us to overcome the pandemic together. Leveraging on the success we achieve by far, I hope Elite Dental will continue to make further breakthroughs in our growth despite the pandemic challenges, with the support from our invaluable customers” said Doctor Nhu Do – CEO of Elite Dental.

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